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My Story

You have to know where I am coming from

Hi, my name is Kapil Raj Nakhwa, and I am a software developer. My core expertise is in Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and I love to work on ideas that serve for the betterment of humankind. I was born in Kathmandu, the capital of the beautiful Himalayan country Nepal. When I am not working on software, I love enjoying the beauties of the Himalayas and the hill sides of my country, or just hitting the pub with some of my friends

There's even more to Know

Building code that matters and lasts long is my passion

I've been involved in web engineering since past 6 years and been part of some of the very successful ideas to launch over the internet. I am currently working as technical lead for Jyaasa where I love playing around with cool tools and techs.

Here I am

Do you have an idea to launch proactive, successful business but need help developing it? Do you need a solid and versatile developer to be a part of your team ?

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  • Proficiency in technology and tools
  • Fast and acurate response
  • Well informed desicions
  • High quality services
  • Best customer service
  • Clean and clear communication
  • Proven reliability

If there's something I can help you with.

If all of this seem to be the quality you are looking for in a developer, Then perhaps we can work together.


Here is the list of things I can do for you

kapil raj nakhwa

Web Development

I ensure that I strictly follow Test Driven Development. So that the web applications I work on are delivered with high confidence. I can work either alone but it is great to be a part of team that is motivated and professional.

kapil raj nakhwa

Dev ops

I can provide dev ops skills for you or your team. With already proven experience with hundreds of linux server setups and ec2 instance setups I can set up secure and well protected servers for your applications. So you can contact me for setting up, maintaining or trouble shooting your servers.

kapil raj nakhwa

Web Consulting

If you need help with technical implementations of your idea and need help understanding and evaluating your options. I can help


I know my stuff

Ruby and ruby on rails has been my tool of choice since I got introduced to this beautiful language.

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80% Complete

Ruby on rails

80% Complete


80% Complete

A final word you might want to hear.

Consider what some of the people over the world has to say about me.

Brijesh " Besides being a great team player. Kapil is a take charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benifits. He has successfully developed several ruby projects for our companies which resulted in increased revenue. "
- Brijesh Gupta
Managing Director, Esignature Pvt Ltd
Tim gummer " kapil resolved some tricky ruby issues for us, and provided excellent support for our sass based frameworks. He is skilled, delightful and dedicated and I recommend him for any ruby based work. "
- Tim Gummer
Justin "Having worked with Kapil for over 2 years, I can say with confidence that he can handle any task large or small. We've thrown everything from web development to custom search engines at him. This, coupled with excellent communication skills, make him an asset to any team"
- Justin Fister

Contact Me

You can reach me any time

Kapil Raj Nakhwa
Patan, Lalitpur 19
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel.: (+977) 9818451794

I'll be available on above contact and will be glad to have you get in touch.


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